With the will & help of Almighty Allah, this year, on the 3rd May 2014 I am planning to run 100miles from London to Oxford along the Thames tow path.

Heres the link to the event

My first ever running event was the Bupa 10k back in 2010. In Jan 2012 I ran 10miles, then moved onto a couple of half marathons and marathons. Last year I also ran a couple of ultra marathons, including 69 miles from Carlisle to Newcastle.

Why am I running for Shade and in particular NU Academy? NUA is a very close partner org of SHADE. NUA has been providing much needed services to the local community around Poplar. Three of my children have all studied there and I know first hand what great work is being done there with regards to Isamic education and many other creative diverse community services. I am particularly fond of the fact that emphasis is given to girls studies and their educational development.

Unfortunately despite the great work that is being done by NUA, there was not a permanent place of residence. Since the time I have had contact with NUA, they have moved on four occasions. Each time they have operated from either renting premises like local mosques and community centres or other private premises.

However last year Hafiz Sadique and some of the brothers took a leap of faith and the initiative to purchase a building on Commercial Road.

For more info on NUA and its services and partner organisations etc you can visit

So far the funds that have been raised is £150k, a combination of donations and loans. We need another £140k to complete the purchase of the building. NUA has signed an agreement with the landlord that untill the remaining is paid NUA will carry on paying a rent of £1500 per month.

I was having second thoughts about entering this event of running a hundred miles in 24 hours because I left it to the last minute to start preparing. However with the intention to please Allah and help NUA get closer to complete the purchase of the property I have decided to run this race.

I am asking everyone where possible to sponsor me £1 per mile and also to get at least 10 others to do the same. If we all can sponsor and find at least 10 others to do same, then in shaa Allah within no time our target will be raised. So I plead with everyone please make lots of dua and start sharing this link with everyone you know and with everyone you dont know.

I am also looking for up to four people who can run the last 40 miles with me (that is 10 miles each). If anyone is interested please contact me on either [email protected] / [email protected]/07950 571 945 or Moulana Sadique on 07847 035 269.

Thanking you in advance for your support.


Help us to give good education to our muslim brothers and sisters