Noor Uddeen Academy (NUA) has been serving the people of Tower Hamlets, specially within the surrounding areas of Poplar and Isle of Dogs since 2005.

NUA strives to cater for all the religious and educational needs of the Muslims of Tower Hamlets specially focusing around Poplar and Isle of Dogs areas. NUA aims to be the central point and the hub for the Muslim community, specially in the surrounding areas of Poplar.

NUA works and focuses locally but aims and strives globally. NUA assesses the current situations of the community and provides for the current needs of the community whilst planning and working towards the future.

All the directors, trustees and members who run NUA are from the local area who have lived in Tower Hamlets and served the people of Tower Hamlets for many years. NUA even strives to take on board local Imams, scholars and teachers who understand the situation and needs of the local community and will thus be more passionate in serving and be able to build a more positive bond with students and parents. This also helps and enables students and parents to refer to the teachers and local ulama for help and advice and thus create a harmonious and organised community.

NUA was the first to establish high quality evening hifz madaris within the surrounding areas of Poplar, for young boys and girls, whilst encouraging young girls as six to do Hifz as well. NUA was also the first to establish an evening intensive Alimah course for girls in the whole borough of Tower Hamlets.

Also bear in mind NUA is not only an Islamic educational academy but rather it is a hub/ platform for all the partnership projects we have in various different fields to serve the different needs of the community as you can see in the website. This will be a stepping stone for expanding the projects to Schools, Madaris and Mosques etc inshallah


Noor Uddeen Academy is a non-profit group guided by Islamic principles aiming to make a difference to the lives of Muslims in the area of Poplar (London). Currently we are raising funds to purchase a property and run a Madrasah class for children to learn about Islam.

Besides the Madrasah, NUA hosts a variety of services for the community including local Muslim gatherings, adult classes and Islamic circles. Furthermore, NUA has several subsidiaries under its roof including Halal Marriage Agency, youth projects and non-profit businesses.

All of NUA’s operations are run through donations and funds generated through its services, with many of its staff as volunteers. If you have had a good experience with any of our services please consider making a small donation towards our cause.

You can donate online via PayPal today.


In 2005 NUA started as a small eveining hifz class in the name of Noor-Uddeen Tahfeez-ul- Qura’n at Burdett estate masjid, London E14. It started with only 9 students and then within a month progressed to 13 students. With the grace of Allah, by the end of the year there were another 14 students on the waiting list. Now, Alhamdulillah NUA is running various Islamic educational projects at different places like maktab, Hifz classes, part time alimah courses and adult’s courses. There are also many students on the waiting list. In order to bring all the projects under one roof, stabilize them, cater for the people on the waiting list and serve the community NUA urgently needs to purchase a permanent building.


Help us to give good education to our muslim brothers and sisters